Nursing Specialists

Nursing Specialists

Nursing specialists work not only in order to help people who suffer from illnesses to sufficiently regain the inherent functions of the human body, but are also involved in various activities aimed at preventing diseases, and maintaining and improving health in healthy people. Therefore, a future nurse-to-be needs to understand the values and way of thinking of those who need assistance, and anticipate their response and behavior. In other words, a nurse is required to possess such qualities as deep human understanding, integrity and strong ethical values, a very broad education and independent thinking.

That is why we have designed a curriculum that, in addition to teaching advanced professional know-how that comprises the basics of nursing in clinical practice, is also focused on fostering humanitarian values and building up a broad general education. In the training process, we place particular emphasis on cultivating the ability to independently organize and undertake nursing assistance, while compassionately accepting the feelings of the patent and making decisions based both on ethical values and scientific knowledge. The students learn scientific foundations and practical nursing skills, as well as methods for examining patients’ health problems and developing, implementing and assessing nursing care plans.

  • Also, in order to help students better adapt to increased use of IT in the medical care field and advancing sophistication of healthcare information, we educate students on how to use IT in clinical practice, with the focus on computer literacy, as well as abilities to process and assess information.

    The four – year BSc (Nursing Sciences) degree programme provides the educational and experiential base not only for entry – level professional practice, but also as the platform on which to build a career through graduate – level study for advanced practice nursing, including careers such as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical specialists, and nurse administrators and educators.

    The four – year BSc (Health Systems Management) degree programme is designed to equip Health care managers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will facilitate their professional practice in diverse settings.

    The objectives of the programme are to:

    • Plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and document interventions to address Health service delivery
    • Manage Health care resources for optimal performance of the Health systems
    • Formulate, analyse and operationalize Health sector policies at various levels
    • Plan, implement and evaluate training and
    • continuing Education programmes for Health workers